T. I swear people don’t read the question.

D Absolutely. People skim. Then interpret the question from what they expect. So most are giving answers that follow something else. They think they are answering someone else’s question when they are actually answering their own. Rarely do those answers coincide.


Not my circus, not my monkeys.My new mantra: Not my circus, not my monkeys.
The Polish goes: “nie moj cyrk, nie moje małpy”

Excellent advice for those of us who want to help, when helping doesn’t serve.

And, after all
watching the circus from the sidelines is interesting
to say the least.

Today I thought I’d clean up the sewing room. Its a never ending trial.

In the process I came across these:


t-shirt as yarn
t-shirt as yarn

What I had done was take some cotton t-shirts, the kind without seams on the side. (actually went hunting for the colors I wanted at goodwill) Then cut them up in strips about a half inch wide, pulled to curl them up, then lost the “thread” of what to do with them. Today, instead of actually emptying out the sewing room as planned, I thought to make a little throw rug or something. So this is how it went.

start-dory   half-a-square-foot-dory


crochet closeup

I love the colors and texture, but it now means finding the t-shirts I began with and more cutting as I’ve used up that small stash.



dory-glasses-caseMy mom said that when I was a baby my grandfather would come by the house for lunch. He would sit in the kitchen and hold me in his lap while he and Mom talked. My grandfather was a patient man. I’d take things out of his coat pocket and put them back in. I especially liked his glasses case. I’d open it and shut it, over and over.

Mom said that one day, I took out his glasses case and opened it up and stuffed inside were two marshmallows.

I had a marvelous grandfather.