Everyone should have a domain. Just like everyone can do with a phone.The nice thing about a domain is it is inexpensive. Cost anywhere from $10 to $50 a year depending on what it ends with – .com or .domains or .enterprises… and who you buy it from (your registrar)

And there is so much you can do with it. Not the least of which is have your own email for as long as you want to own the domain.  I got so tired of my provider changing, and thereby having a new email address whether I liked it or not.

Ok, so there’s gmail, or yahoo, or whatever. But I want more privacy and less oversight by large computer corporations.Not that I don’t trust Google. But um, there’s trust and there’s being reasonably careful.

So for me its like having my own home on the web. My own email. And I have the illusion of personal space. Of which I am particularly fond.



These gtlds will be available this year. (theoretically)

.BAR **
.CAM **
.DIY **
.FYI **
.GAY **
.LOL **
.MAP **
.MAP **
.MOM **
.PET **
.PET **
.RIP **
.VIP **
.WEB **
.WEB **
.WOW **