cream-basketMade a little basket in cream wool. Took a couple hours. Pleasant pastime.

Began with a magic circle, ch1

1st row, 6 sc in the magic circle

draw magic circle to close tight.

mark the start of the next row with a stitch marker

2nd row increase every stitch: sc twice into each of the stitches in the previous round, thus increasing to 12 stitches for this round

mark the row with your stitch marker

3rd row increase every other stitch. sc twice in to the first stitch, sc once in the next stitch, repeat this alternating 2sc in one stitch with 1 sc in the next.

mark the row with your stitch marker

4th row increase every third stitch. sc twice in the first stitch, sc in the next stitch, sc in the next stitch. repeat: 2sc, sc, sc to the stitch marker.

each row gets one more sc between the 2sc,

Once the base is the right size, just work without any more increases to create the sides. I used a stitch called the counterpane stitch found here. 424

It’s a half double crochet, worked through both the top loops.

– yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through all three loops on the hook.-

because I worked in the round rather than back and forth, it turned out a bit different.




Here is a closeup of how the stitch looks when worked in the round.counterpane worked in the round


Finished the top edge with a row of slip stitches.counterpane pattern





I think I’ll felt it next. Just to see what that does.



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